TrinhBuscher <metropolitan-cityscapes>のDESIGNTIDEのプロダクトが発売されました。

famo.のmerge blockを発表したデザインタイドで友人になったドイツのTrinhBuscher <metropolitan-cityscapes>が発表した東京・シドニー・ベルリンなど各地の3km四方をモチーフに金属板を繊細に刻んだプロダクト"The Urban Topography Collection"(都市図の収集)が発売されました。詳細はウェブサイトをご覧下さい。

metropolitan cityscapes, TrinhBuscher

Postfach 670210 I 10207 Berlin I Germany


About the Collection

The series presents a 3x3km horizontal cross section of selected world cities from across Asia, Europe and America. Each?cityscape is intricately etched from?stainless steel using the same German industrial technology used to produce fine components for wristwatches. Borne of arduous research and intuitive interpretations of place and identity, the cityscapes allow the viewer to (re)imagine the spaces dictating movement and life in the 21st century city. Each city is meticulously drawn to scale and accuracy essential to revealing the city's intrinsic structure and for comparison. "Cities are comprised of a multitude of physical and emotional layers. It is necessary to peel back these layers in order to reach a foundation on which to project images and induce memories" TrinhBuscher An exhibition at Museum of Sydney is planned for 2011, bringing it to one of Australia's major public spaces: "Metropolitan Cityscapes is perfect for MOS. It will tie in beautifully with the Museum's aim to reveal more about Sydney's place in the world and make interesting and informative comparisons with the dimensions and priorities of other world cities, helping us to better understand our own." - Inara Walden, curator of MOS

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